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About Us

Family Owned, Local

Pest Control

Four Seasons Pest Solutions, Inc. is family owned and operated. We are a local pest control and and termite control company offering service to any account. With us, you’ll get local exterminators who may even live in the same city as you!

Matthew and Angela Hess acquired ownership and took control of the company in 2008. Previously, years of experience had founded and built the company from the first customer. Now, years of experience still own and operate this company today.

Mr. Hess worked within the company from the very beginning. He has seen drastic changes in the industry through the years but has adapted and excelled in them all. With the many wonderful products on the market today, Four Seasons uses the latest in pest control, termite control and bedbug control strategies.  Many technological advances have been made within the field of pest control and we apply these to each every account.

About Four Seasons Pest Solutions

Local Pest Control owners, Matthew and Angela Hess along with their three children, enjoying the great outdoors in Grand Teton National Park.

As stewards of the environment, they hope to leave their children with an equally beautiful exploration as they have had.

It’s okay to live among pests… but we don’t have to live with them!

Four Seasons Pest Solutions' President and Vice President


“Our goal is to provide our customers with fantastic, local pest control vibes. Whether residential or commercial, you’ll get unbeatable service that’s good for you, your family, employees, investments and the environment. We love the outdoors and want to preserve the beauty for generations to come. That’s why we strive to use only products and techniques which are safe for the environment.

We’re a Local Pest Control Company!

Unlike national chains, we offer real live experts. A local office with live receptionists can’t be beat! Plus, we’re expanding every day. As of July of 2014, we acquired Cumberland Service Exterminators. Their roots date all the way back to 1978! Most recently,  August 2022, we acquired Stevens Pest Control of Corbin KY.

As we continue to grow, we are able to expand our territory, offer a broader range of services, better service relations and more expertise. We are always striving to serve our customers and the public with increasingly exceptional services!”

Experience and Expertise

Our President has more than 22 years logged in the industry. Being involved with several different pest control companies in the past, has given the owners an angle in the industry which many may lack. Being able to see the mistakes and downfalls of  other pest companies, has helped strengthen Four Seasons.
Development of programs, techniques, pest reports and services that work right every time, is just the tip of the iceberg, as it were.  Providing a good work environment and great pay, Four Seasons Pest Solutions has been able to retain pest control technicians for long periods of time. This allows Four Seasons Pest Solutions to offer our client base a skilled, knowledgeable, caring and professional pest exterminator who is able to meet your needs.

Currently, we have exterminators with 10, 15, 20,  35 years and more on our staff. Even our newest pest control, termite control and bedbug control technicians are well trained by our highly experienced staff. 

You’ll quickly see the difference in our techs and their wealth of knowledge, skill, caring attitude and professionalism as opposed to any of our competitors. Any of our pest control programs are certain to impress!

Our Local Pest Control Philosophy

We seek to provide the best services available, as a local pest control company. Likewise, we strive to better your quality of life without disrupting your family, the environment or your wallet.

Our company strives for customer satisfaction which yields word-of-mouth advertising.

As stewards of the earth God has blessed us with, we are responsible to treat others as we would want to be treated. With this in mind, we provide our pest services. Plus, as you can see from the video… we also have a sense of humor!

Our techs are skilled in identifying almost all structural pests, and care about you, your family and your pest problems.

Termite Technician injecting termiticide into the ground at the perimeter of the home

Why Choose Us for Local Pest Control?

  • Knowledge

    Our techs can’t know everything, but they will sure find it out when they don’t!

  • Identification

    Our techs are skilled at identifying many, many structural pests

  • Skills

    Our techs are very skilled in the industry!

  • Care

    Our techs care about you, your family, pest problems and the environment.

  • Professionalism

    O​ur techs are professional, courteous and well mannered.

  • Local Pest Control

    Our techs are local guys and gals. They may even live in or near your home town!