Four Seasons Pest Solutions, Inc. is a family owned and operated company in Somerset, Kentucky. We are a local home pest control and commercial pest control and termite control company offering service with local exterminators that live in the same city as you do! Matthew and Angela Hess acquired ownership and took control of the pest control company in 2008. Previously, years of experience had founded and built the company from the first customer, and now, years of experience still own and operate this pest control company today.

Mr. Hess worked within the company from the very beginning. We have seen drastic changes in the industry through the years but we have adapted and excelled in them all. With the many wonderful products on the market today, we use the latest in pest control, termite control and bedbug control strategies.  Many technological advances have been made within the pest exterminator field and we apply these to each every account.

Owners, Matthew, Angela and the rest of the Hess family, enjoying the great outdoors in Grand Teton National Park.
We are stewards of the environment; hoping to leave our children with as beautiful an exploration as we have had!

Our goal is to provide YOU with fantastic home pest control and commercial pest control with unbeatable service that’s good for you, your family, your employees, your investments and the environment. We love the outdoors and want to preserve the beauty for generations to come. That’s why we strive to use only products and techniques which are safe for the environment.

Unlike Terminix and Orkin, we offer real live experts, a local office with live receptionists and local bug exterminators who you likely see at the grocery or hardware store! Your exterminator will be a local.

Four Seasons Pest Solutions, Inc is partnered with Cumberland Service Exterminators Inc. to bring you even better service!